Outdoor mass registration instruction

Please see the instruction on how to register to attend the outdoor masses

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2nd Easter Sunday Bulletin

Daily readings: 12/04 Monday: [1] Acts 4.23-31 [Gospel] John 3.1-8 13/04 Tuesday: [1] Acts 4.32-37 [Gospel] John 3.7b-15 14/04 Wednesday: [1] Acts 5.17-26 [Gospel] John 3.16-21 15/04 Thursday: [1] Acts 5.27-33 [Gospel] John 3.31-36 16/04 Friday: [1] Acts 5.34-42 [Gospel] John 6.1-15 17/04 Saturday: ST. KATERI TEKAKWITHA, PROTECTRESS OF CANADA [1] Acts 6.1-7 [Gospel] John […]

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Easter Sunday Bulletin

Daily readings: 05/04 Monday EASTER OCTAVE: [1] Acts 2.14, 22-33 [Gospel] Matthew 28.8- 15 06/04 Tuesday EASTER OCTAVE: [1] Acts 2.36-41 [Gospel] John 20.11-18 07/04 Wednesday EASTER OCTAVE: [1] Acts 3.1-10 [Gospel] Luke 24.13-35 08/04 Thursday EASTER OCTAVE: [1] Acts 3.11-26 [Gospel] Luke 24.35-48 09/04 Friday EASTER OCTAVE: [1] Acts 4.1-12 [Gospel] John 21.1-14 10/04 […]

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The theme for this year’s appeal is ‘Our Catholic Response to the Crisis’. This year, responding to the needs of our Archdiocese arising from the pandemic a Crisis Response Fund has been established. These funds will be allocated to Catholic organizations responding to these new areas of need.
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Our goal is to be a faith community where all God's people have an opportunity of growing in their faith; and that day-by-day we come to know how much God truly loves his people. It is our hope that parents, students, and teachers together with our pastors will commit themselves to this goal.
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Without your generous help, we are not able to sustain and develop our community in faith. Make a donation to St. Joseph parish to contribute to our development projects.
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