6th Sunday Of Easter Bulletin

Daily readings: 23/05 Monday: [1] Acts 16.11-15 [Gospel] John 15.26-16.4a 24/05 Tuesday: BLESSED LOUIS-XEPHIRIN MOREAU [1] Act 16.22-34 [Gospel] John 16.5-11  25/05 Wednesday: ST.  BEDE THE VENERABLE, ST. GREGORY VII, ST. MARY MAGDALENE DE’ PAZZI [1] Acts 17.15,22-18.1 [Gospel] John 16.12-15 26/05 Thursday: ST. PHILIP NERI [1] Acts 18.1-8 [Gospel] John 16.16-20 27/05 Friday: ST. […]

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5th Sunday Of Easter Bulletin

Daily readings: 16/05 Monday: [1] Acts 14.5-18 [Gospel] John 14.21-26 17/05 Tuesday: [1] Act 14.19-28 [Gospel] John 14.27-31a  18/05 Wednesday: ST. JOHN 1 [1] Acts 15.1-6 [Gospel] John 15.1-8 19/05 Thursday: [1] Acts 15.7-21 [Gospel] John 15.9-11 20/05 Friday: ST. BERNARDINE OF SIENA [1] Acts 15.22-31 [Gospel] John 15.12-17  21/05 Saturday: ST. EUGÈNE DE MAZENOD […]

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4th Sunday Of Easter Bulletin

Daily readings: 09/05 Monday: [1] Acts 11.1-18 [Gospel] John 10.1-10 10/05 Tuesday: ST. John of Avila [1] Act 11.19-26 [Gospel] John 10.22-30  11/05 Wednesday: [1] Acts 12.24-13.5a [Gospel] John 12.44-50 12/05 Thursday: ST. NEREUS & ST. ACHILLEUS OR ST. PANCRAS [1] Acts 13.13-25 [Gospel] John 13.16-20 13/05 Friday: Our Lady of Fatima [1] Acts 13.26-33 […]

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The theme for this year’s appeal is ‘Our Catholic Response to the Crisis’. This year, responding to the needs of our Archdiocese arising from the pandemic a Crisis Response Fund has been established. These funds will be allocated to Catholic organizations responding to these new areas of need.
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Our goal is to be a faith community where all God's people have an opportunity of growing in their faith; and that day-by-day we come to know how much God truly loves his people. It is our hope that parents, students, and teachers together with our pastors will commit themselves to this goal.
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Giáo xứ rất cần sự giúp đỡ rộng rãi của quý cộng đoàn cho những công việc chung. Sự đóng góp của quý vị sẽ giúp giáo xứ có kinh phí & khả năng để hoàn thành các chương trình phát triển của giáo xứ.
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