Fifth Sunday of Lent – Mar 29, 2020


30/03 Monday: [1] Daniel 13.1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62 [Gospel] John 8.1-11

31/03 Tuesday: [1] Numbers 21.4-9

[Gospel] John 8.21-30

01/04 Wednesday: [1] Daniel 3.13-20, 24, 49-50, 91-95 [Gospel] John 6.31-42

02/04 Thursday: [1] Genesis 17.3-9

[Gospel] John 8.51-59

03/04 Friday: [1] Jeremiah 20.7, 10-13

[Gospel] John 10.31-42

04/04 Saturday: [1] Ezekiel 37.21-28

[Gospel] John 11.45-57

05/04 Sunday: PASSION (PALM) SUNDAY [Entrance] Matthew 21.1-11 [1] Isaiah 50.4-7 [2] Philippians 2.6-11 [Gospel] Matthew 26.14 – 27.66



First Reading Ezekiel 37.12-14

What does the image of opening a grave convey to me? Forensic investigations and horror movies? Resurrection of the body at the end of time? Hope for this life? Has our culture or my environment entombed me in ways I cannot escape? Do I trust the Lord’s promise to restore life and bring me home?

Psalm 130: “With the Lord there is steadfast love and great power to redeem.”

Second Reading Romans 8.8-11

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful! May God free us from entombment in the culture of death and fill us with the Holy Spirit to live anew in Christ!

Praise to you, Lord, king of eternal glory! “I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord; whoever believes in me will never die.

Gospel Reading John 11.1-45

When have I faced a difficult decision, like whether to stay or whether to go? How did I decide? How did it work out? Would I have questioned Jesus’ choice to wait? Was it the best choice? What hard choices must I make in this time of uncertainty? Is God guiding me?


Second Collection:  Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have been forced to postpone our annual Share Lent/Solidarity Sunday collection to a later date. In the meantime, with the blessing of the CCCB, we are encouraging parishioners who still wish to make their donation to do so online. Please visit at to make a donation would be greatly appreciated.

Palm Sunday: Blessed palm leaves will be available to pick up at the entrance from April 4. Please only touch which you are going to get in order to protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19.

Tax Receipts: Please pick up your tax receipts for 2019 donations to the parish, school and Project Advance at the entrance.

2020 Sunday envelopes are in the parish office. Please call if having questions or updates.


For the most recent Coronavirus guide-lines and information, prayer resources, online donation to the parish and links to Masses online or on television, please see

Masses are now being streamed live from many parishes, including our parish’s 7 pm and 9:30 am Vietnamese Masses. For links to parish sites and a list of Mass times open the tab “Watch Mass online”.


Please check for up to date information on scheduled events.


3261 Fleming St, Vancouver V5N 3V6

Phone:(604) 872-5715


The School will reopen for staff only next week. Please note that the school office will not be open on Monday, March 30.

Application forms 2020 are available at the back of the church for all grades. Acceptance letters have been sent out confirming spots for those who have applied!

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