6th Sunday In Ordinary Time Bulletin

Daily readings:

13/2 Monday: [1] Genesis 4.1-15,25 [Gospel] Mark 8.11-13

14/2 Tuesday: ST. CYRIL AND ST. METHODIUS [1] Genesis 6.5-8;7.1-5,10 [Gospel] Mark 8.14-21

15/2 Wednesday: [1] Genesis 8.6-13,20-22 [Gospel] Mark 8.22-26

16/2 Thursday: [1] Genesis 9.1-13 [Gospel] Mark 8.27-33

17/2 Friday: THE SEVEN HOLY FOUNDERS OF SERVITE ORDER [1] Genesis 11,1-9 [Gospel] Mark 8.34-38 – 9.1

18/2 Saturday: OUR LADY’S SATURDAY [1] Genesis 11.1-7[Gospel] Mark 9.2-13

19/2 Sunday: SEVEN SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME [1] Leviticus 19.12, 17-18 [2] 1 Corinthians 3.16-23 [Gospel] Matthew 5.38-48



“Oh God, who teach us that you abide in hearts that are just and true, grant that we may be so fashioned by your grace as to become a dwelling pleasing to you.”

First Reading: Sirach 15.15-20 

In wisdom God gave us free will. What choices do I face: fire or water; good or evil; life or death? What are the consequences?   

Psalm 119: “Blessed are those who walk in the law of the Lord! Give me understanding, that I may keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.”

Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 2.6-10

Baptism tasks us with proclaiming the mystery of God. How does my sense of preparedness compare with St. Paul’s? How do I approach the challenge of sharing about God with others? How is God helping me to grow as his witness?

Alleluia! Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth; you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the kingdom.” 

Gospel: Matthew 5.17-37The Gospel relates Jesus’ teaching on a few commandments. How might Jesus expand on the others? What might he highlight in my actions and attitudes today, last week, or since my last confession? Where do I need to correct my “Yes” and “No” to conform with God’s will?           

PRAY FOR THE SICK: May Chu, Camilo Romero, Adela Lim, Mary Martin, Ky Truong, Gina Tabul, Olivera Lambeta, Ngan Thi Trinh, Thuong Van Tran, Francesca Cabrales, Maria Garcia, Danita Chow, Hong Van Le, Tuyen Thi Nguyen, Phu Thi Truong, Bernard Boos, Hanh Huynh, Mary Magdalene H, Thanh Thi Dao, Sa Thi Dang, Phuong Van Nguyen, Hoa Xuan Thi Le, Estrella Rodriguez,  Felipe Sobredo, Patricia Rudolph, Shirley De La Cruz.


For parishes: We pray that parishes, placing communion at the centre, may increasingly become communities of faith, fraternity and welcome towards those most in need.


Saturday February 11 at 5 PM

  • Thanksgiving Mass. For the souls of Alicia Bayle, Thomas Bayle, Marlon Bayle, Elizabeth Bayle and Amelia Cacas.

Sunday February 121 at 8 AM

  • For the soul of Victor Misa. For intention of Elsa m .Lao for quick recovery from sickness.

Tuesday February 14 at 9 AM

  • For the intention of Pilar Tamparong.

Thursday February 16 at AM

  • For the soul of Martina Bautista


This week there is a second collection for our Parish Building Fund. Thank you for your generosity and ongoing financial support.

On Monday, February 20th, the Parish office will be closed for the Family Day Holiday. Daily Masses at 8am (English) and 10:30am (Vietnamese) will be celebrated as usual.

On Wednesday, February 22nd, Ash Wednesday Masses will be celebrated as follows:

English Masses will be at 8am, 9am with the school, and 7pm

Vietnamese Masses will be at 10:30am and 5:15pm

The tax receipt for 2022 and Project Advance (PA) are ready to pick up at the church.Please note: PA receipt will be included with the parish tax receipt if the donor has the same full name and address for both receipts. Otherwise, they will be in two different envelopes.

Come, Walk Together! Saturday February 25 from 10 am - noon. Everyone is invited to get to know our neighbours from St. Mark's Lutheran and King's Cross Anglican churches, while raising funds for CityReach Care Society, which serves the needy in our area. To join the walk, please sign up with our ecumenical team, EastVan Churches, on the "Coldest Night of the Year" (CNOY) website: https://cnoy.org/location/vancouverbroadway. For more information, please see the poster at the entrance, or contact Cathy ([email protected] / 604-874-8037) or the parish office. We hope to see you there!

Our Parish is always looking for volunteers who are willing to donate their time and talents in various areas such as:  sacristans, readers, altar servers, choir members, gift bearers, parking lot attendants and so much more. Please speak with the Mass coordinator if you are able to help or would like more information.


Stay in Touch: We welcome emails or phone calls to the parish office (604-876-7826 / parish.[email protected]) if you have suggestions or need assistance. Please keep your contact information (address, phone, email) up to date. 

Donations: To donate online go tohttps://support.rcav.org/parishes/parish-offertory/sunday-offering/and select St. Joseph, Van Offering. 


Urgent Help Needed for Earthquake Survivors:

Millions of Syrians were shaken awake by disaster on Feb. 6, and found their lives, like the buildings around them, reduced to rubble. CNEWA’s on-the-ground church partners are responding quickly to provide bedding, food, medicine, milk, nursing formula and diapers to more than 2,000 families seeking emergency shelter in convents, parish halls and schools. At this critical moment, your generous and prayerful support is more than necessary — it is vital to their survival. Will you be a lifeline to so many women, children and elderly people who have nowhere else to turn? Please donate online at rcav.org/syria.

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