Sunday Christ The King Bulletin

Daily readings:

22/11 Monday: St Cecilia [1] Daniel 1.1-6, 8-20, [Gospel] Luke 21.1-4

23/11 Tuesday: [1] Daniel 2.3, 9a, 10a, 27a, 31-45 [Gospel] Luke 21.5-11 

24/11 Wednesday: ST. Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions [1] Daniel 5.1-6, 13-14, 23-28 [Gospel] Luke 21.12-19

25/11 Thursday: [1] Daniel 6.11-28 [Gospel] Luke 21.20-28

26/11 Friday: [1] Daniel 7.1-14 [Gospel] Luke 21.29-33

27/11 Saturday: [1] Daniel 7.15-27 [Gospel] Luke 21.34-36

28/11 Sunday:  1st Sunday of Advent [1] Feremial 33.14-16 [2] 1 Thessalonians 3.12-4.2 [Gospel] Luke 21.25-28, 34-36


1. First Reading Daniel 7.13-14

What image of a king comes to my mind? How do I picture the heavenly meeting described by Daniel and what is its significance? How do the ideas of Jesus’ everlasting kingship and dominion contribute to my understanding of Jesus? Given the changes in earthly kingship in 2000 years, how might these concepts be expressed now?        

Psalm 93: “The Lord is king; he is robed in majesty. Your decrees are very sure; holiness befits your house, O Lord forevermore.”

2. Second Reading Revelation 1.5-8

 What characteristics of Jesus, the supreme ruler, and of his subjects, are outlined in this text? Why will all the tribes of the earth lament at Jesus’ final coming? What will I lament as I stand before him and before God Almighty? 

“Alleluia! Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David; blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” 

3. Gospel Reading John 18.33b-37

“Are you the King of the Jews”? What questions might Pilate still have had after talking to Jesus? What questions do I have about Jesus’ kingship, especially when praying the “Our Father”? What does Jesus mean by saying he was born to “testify to the truth”? How does that help us understand his kingship?

PRAY FOR THE SICK: May Chu, Caroline Bayle, Camilo Romero, Adela Lim, Mary Martin, Ky Truong, Gina Tabul, Olivera Lambeta, Ngan Thi Trinh, Thuong Van Tran, Francesca Cabrales, Maria Garcia, Pho Ho, Danita Chow, Hong Van Le, Tuyen Thi Nguyen, Phu Thi Truong, Bernard Boos, Hanh Huynh, Mary Magdalene H, Thanh Thi Dao, Sa Thi Dang, Phuong Van Nguyen, Hoa Xuan Thi Le, Estrella Rodriguez,  Felipe Sobredo, Tuyen Van Nguyen, Patricia Rudolph, Shirley De La Cruz, Alicia C. Bayles.


People Who Suffer from Depression: We pray that people who suffer from depression or burn-out will find support and a light that opens them up to life.


Friday Nov.19 at 8AM

  • For the soul of Celso Ruedas

Saturday Nov.20 at 9AM

  • For the soul of Fredelino Tordecillas (bless the ash)

Saturday Nov.20 at 5PM

  • Xin lễ như ý chỉ, cầu cho LH ông bà, cha mẹ và LH Blase Daniel Lutes do An Dương xin.
  • For the souls of Alicia Bayle, Marlon Bayle and Ester Blanco

Sunday Nov.21 at 11:30AM

  • For the soul in Purgatory
  • For the intention of healing of Lilet Basilio
  • For the souls of Cecilia Atienza, Joaquin Que, Francisco Bascug and Remedios Bascug
  • For the intention of healing of Corazon Matias

Tuesday Nov. 23 at 8AM

  • For the soul of Alicia Bayle, 40 days death anniversary and all the souls


The second collection: for Home Missions

change in Mass time: On Wednesday, November 24, the regular Novena Mass will be celebrated at 6pm. The Feast Day Mass for Vietnamese martyrs will be celebrated afterwards at 7pm


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Advent Retreat 2021: As we begin our journey through the Advent Season join us for the Annual Archdiocesan Advent Retreat and prepare your “Interior Stable” to welcome the Christ Child. Father Boniface Hicks, OSB, will lead a prayerful mediation on the Nativity story with time for reflection, silence and prayer and Father Joachim Aldaba, O.Praem, will share with us the joy of the great news of the birth of our Savior and reflect on the Gloria in Excelsis De. Learn more and register at

Into the Deep: Prayer as Recollection: Contemplation as Freedom

Join Dr. Michael Higgins and dip into the spiritual well of the most influential Catholic spiritual writer of the last century: Thomas Merton. Thomas Merton will provide us with a couple of key ideas on our Advent journey drawing on his own vast reading, literary prowess, and mystical insights. He was a monk for all seasons. Friday, November 26 at 7:00 p.m. Learn more at

Walking with Saint Joseph During Advent - Reflection with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle: Join us for a live virtual presentation by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle: Walking with Saint Joseph During Advent. This reflection is part of the Novena leading to the Consecration to Saint Joseph. To receive the link, please register for the novena. Saturday, December 4 at 10:00 a.m.    

Learn more and register at

Monthly Pro-Life Mass and Prayer Vigil: Monthly Mass and vigil to pray for respect for all human life from its beginning to its natural end. Please join your voice with ours as we pray on the first weekend of each month at a different parish for a new culture of life. Sunday, December 5 at 9:00 a.m. Learn more at

Estate and Memorial Planning Webinar: This free presentation provides general information for preparing or updating your will and learning about the beauty of the funeral rite and formulating pre-need arrangements. You'll be pointed to complementary guides, tools, and practical resources. The event is sponsored and presented by the Gardens of Gethsemani cemetery, a ministry of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Thursday, December 9 at 11:00 a.m.

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