The Most Holy Trinity Sunday Bulletin

Daily readings:

13/06 Monday: ST. ANTONY OF PADUA [1] 1 Kings 21.1-16 [Gospel] Matthew 5.38-42

14/06 Tuesday: [1] 1 Kings 21.17-29 [Gospel] Matthew 5.43-48

15/06 Wednesday: [1] 2 Kings 2.1,6-14 [Gospel] Matthew 6.1-6, 16-18

16/06 Thursday: [1] Sirach 48.1-14 [Gospel] Matthew 6.7-15

17/06 Friday: [1] 2 Kings 11.1-4, 9 – 18,20 [Gospel] Matthew 6.19-23 

18/06 Saturday: [1] 2 Chronicles 24.17-25 [Gospel] Matthew 6.254-34

19/06 Sunday: Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ [1] Genesis 14.18-20 [2] 1 Corinthians 11.23-26 [Gospel] Luke 9.11b-17


“God our Father, who by sending into the world the Word of truth and the Spirit of sanctification made known to the human race your wondrous mystery, grant us, we pray, that in professing the true faith, we may acknowledge the Trinity of eternal glory and adore your Unity, powerful in majesty.

1. First Reading Proverbs 8.22-31

How does this depiction of “the Wisdom of God” complement my understanding of the holy Trinity? What does it suggest about how the persons of the Holy Trinity relate to each other and to us?

Psalm 104: “O lord, our God, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

2. Second Reading - Romans 5.1-5

According to St. Paul, how do the persons of the Holy Trinity interact to sustain our life of faith and hope for eternal life? 

 “Alleluia! Glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: to God who is, who was, and who is to come.

3. Gospel Reading - John 16.12-15

Jesus knew his disciples could not grasp everything he wanted to tell them. How has the Holy Spirit helped me understand Jesus’ teaching and guided me to God’s truth? Which of the concepts I hold to be true affirm the glory of God, and which do not? On what issues would I appreciate divine guidance?

PRAY FOR THE SICK: May Chu, Camilo Romero, Adela Lim, Mary Martin, Ky Truong, Gina Tabul, Olivera Lambeta, Ngan Thi Trinh, Thuong Van Tran, Francesca Cabrales, Maria Garcia, Danita Chow, Hong Van Le, Tuyen Thi Nguyen, Phu Thi Truong, Bernard Boos, Hanh Huynh, Mary Magdalene H, Thanh Thi Dao, Sa Thi Dang, Phuong Van Nguyen, Hoa Xuan Thi Le, Estrella Rodriguez,  Felipe Sobredo, Tuyen Van Nguyen, Patricia Rudolph, Shirley De La Cruz,


For families: We pray for Christian families around the world; may they embody and experience unconditional love and advance in holiness in their daily lives.


Saturday June 11 at 9AM

  • For the souls of Edwin Galodino, Braulio Simon Sr, Fraucisca Simon for Death Anniversary.

Saturday June 11 at 5PM

- For the souls of Paul Pelanger, Alicia Bayle, Tomas Bayle, Remelda Belisario and others who passed away.

Sunday June 12 at 8 AM

  • For the souls of Januaria Paraiso, Faustino Paraiso, Arthur Viray and Henry Komisarski

Sunday June 12 at 11:30AM

  • For the souls of Rosarito Jumlos, Florence Jumlos and Rodolfo Tan Sr.

Sunday June 12 at 6pm

- For the souls of Paul Pelanger and Rodolfo Tan Sr.

Monday June 13 at 8am

- For the souls of Paul Pelanger, Felisa Villacamta

Tuesday June 14 at 8am

- For the soul of Paul Pelanger.

- For the souls of Rosarito Jumlos and Florence Jumlos

Wednesday June 15 at 7pm

- For the soul of Paul Pelanger.

Thursday June 16 at 8 am

- For the soul of Paul Pelanger.

Friday June 17 at 8am

- For the soul of Paul Pelanger


There is second collection for for our Parish Building Fund.  

Our Parish is currently collecting pledges and donations for the 2022 Project Advance Campaign.

On Saturday, June 18, beginning at 6pm, a Eucharistic Procession will take place around our parish to venerate the most Precious Body and Blood of Christ and to pray for the Church and the World.  

Next weekend we will be celebrating fathers and all that they do for their families.  Please remember to keep them in your prayers.  Our Parish Eucharistic Youth Group will have flowers available for purchase.

The following individuals have been selected to join our Parish Pastoral Council:  Jessica Chung, Tashya de Silva, Elizabeth Hồng Nhung, Gabriel Gia Bảo, Duy Linh, Hữu Thuận và Lilly Mai. Congratulations to them and we pray that the Holy Spirit will guide them as they assist in the growth and development of our Parish.  


Stay in Touch: We welcome emails or phone calls to the parish office (604-876-7826 / parish.[email protected]) if you have suggestions or need assistance. Please keep your contact information (address, phone, email) up to date. 

Donations: To donate online go to select St. Joseph, Van Offering. 


* A Concert for Peace - Fundraiser for Ukrainian Refugees

The Polish Community in British Columbia is organizing a Concert for Peace in support of refugees in Poland due to the unjust and ongoing conflict in Ukraine. All the artists are offering up their beautiful, musical talents and all proceeds will be donated to the Mutual Aid Foundation “Barka”. Saturday, June 18 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Patrick's Parish, Vancouver. Learn more and register at

* Vatican International Eucharistic Miracles ExhibitCorpus Christi Parish in Vancouver is hosting the Vatican International Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit featuring 2’ x 3.5’ educational panels on church approved Eucharistic Miracles throughout history; a museum-quality replica of the Santo Caliz (Holy Cup of Valencia); education panels and DVDs on Blessed Carlo Acutis; and more. Friday, June 17 - Sunday, June 19. Learn more at

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