Update Covid Instructions - Questions and Answers

AS OF JULY 1st: according to the Communications Office,  Archdiocese of Vancouver

  1. Is the Sunday obligation reinstated?
    • Not for this weekend, however it will be reinstated for the following weekend and details will be provided next week.
  2. Is there no limit now on the number of people attending Mass?
    • There is no limit.
  3. Are masks are optional now?
    • Yes. We strongly recommend, however, that you follow the guidance of the Public Health Officer: “Masks are recommended in public indoor settings for all people 12 and older who are not yet fully vaccinated.”
  4. No more pre-registration for contact tracing purposes?
    • No, there should be no registration or taking of people’s information at the church entrance.
  5. Will singing by the congregation be permitted now?
    • Yes.
  6. Can we ask our choirs to come back?
    • Yes, choirs can return to normal.
  7. Can we now put out hymnals, missals, envelopes, etc. in the church pews?
    • Yes.
  8. For weddings, funerals and baptisms – is it still 50 people or 50% of capacity whichever is greater?
    • No, because they take place within the liturgy (worship). For all weddings, funerals and baptisms there are no limitations for attendance.
  9. Does this mean that there is no more necessity for social distancing?
    • Correct, there is no social distancing required.
  10. Can we re-open the bathrooms?
    • Yes, bathroom facilities should be fully reopened.
  11. Do we still need to allow an hour between services, so that people leaving the last mass don't cross paths with people arriving for the next mass?
    • No, Mass times can return to normal.
  12. Can we return to people taking a missal when they arrive for a weekday mass, and putting it back in the box when they leave?
    • Yes.
  13. What about groups using the Church?
    • Any groups using the Church are subject to the health orders regarding Organized Gatherings: “Indoor organized gatherings 50 people or 50% capacity, whichever is greater.”
  14. What about other kinds of gatherings in the basement, hall or meeting rooms?
    • Any other gathering is subject to the health orders regarding Organized Gatherings: “Indoor organized gatherings 50 people or 50% capacity, whichever is greater.”
  15. Do attendance restrictions still apply to adoration, holy hours or other prayer services in the Church?
    • Yes. Non-liturgical gatherings in the church are limited to 50 people or 50% capacity, whichever is greater.
  16. What about coffee after Mass - social time in the basement/outside/hall?
    • Outdoor social gatherings after Mass can have 5,000 people or 50% capacity of the space, whichever is greater. 
    • Indoor social gatherings after Mass can have 50 people or 50% capacity, whichever is greater.
  17. Do we have to open up fully to all?
    • Yes.
  18. What restrictions are there for those who are not vaccinated?
    • There are none, although “masks are recommended in public indoor settings for all people 12 and older who are not yet fully vaccinated.”
  19. Do we still have to sanitize pews and contact services after each Mass?
    • No.
  20. What about Communion on the tongue?
    • We will continue the current practice in place. (The priest should ask those receiving on the tongue to receive last or he might designate a specific minister for them. Moreover, it is recommended that the minister purify his fingers and use hand sanitizer after each person who receives on the tongue).
  21. What about Communion under both species?
    • We will not reintroduce this practice at this time.
  22. Can we shake hands at the kiss of peace? Should we?
    • The kiss of peace is to be restored according to the custom of the parish.
    • Those who are uncomfortable with shaking hands may bow or make a similar gesture to their neighbour.
  23. Can priests and deacons share from the same cup?
    • Yes, they may.
  24. Can Deacons return to their normal activities at Mass?
    • Yes, they may.
  25. Are there any special instructions regarding altar servers, lectors or extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist?
    • They can return to their normal practice.
  26. Should we retain our plastic or plexiglass barriers?
    • They are no longer necessary.

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