Đoàn Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể

St. Joseph’s Parish TNTT was recreated in 2008 by the chaplain priest, Father Thomas Tran Thien An and a few of our leaders. At that time, Father Thomas thought that it was necessary to have one community for youth to play and gather in St. Joseph’s Parish. Then, Father Thomas recruited few TNTT leaders including Anna Thanh, Anna Luan and Joseph Dat in order to contribute with father to build St. Joseph’s Parish TNTT for youth in St. Joseph’s Parish, Vancouver. They started out as a small group of dedicated ‘leaders’ and a handful of young kids including only three leaders and around ten kids. They mainly shared their TNTT knowledge and spread their joy.

As we strive to assimilate into the TNTT of Canada and American society, we were ever more determined to keep our Vietnamese heritage. Keeping that balance was difficult and at times we failed miserably. However, Father Thomas kept the group going and provided its group with spiritual guidance and strength. At times when the group was on the brink of collapse, Father Thomas always reassured it and kept their dedication to TNTT going strong. The organization grew in strength and number and got more organized and structured. Currently, the organization has 12 leaders and around 70 kids.

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