Marriage & Family Opportunities

Dear Reverend Fathers,

The Marriage & Family team would like to update you about plans for 2023-2024:

1. Strengthen Your Marriage Campaign

The Archdiocese is launching a campaign to develop a culture of marriage enrichment. Please consider sharing Archbishop Miller’s video (below) on your parish website, social media, at events, after Mass, or before parish meetings. The following brochure provides more information.

Marriage Enrichment Brochure - Fall 2023.pdf

2. NEW Online Marriage Formation Course

We no longer offer a weekend course. Hybrid courses are on weeknights or Saturdays. A new online course will be offered to engaged couples who are unable to participate in the in-person sessions due to irregular work schedules or not residing in Greater Vancouver. Please email [email protected] if you encounter an engaged couple who is in this situation.

3. Weekend Getaway Marriage Conference

The Archdiocese has partnered with Family Life Canada to offer their esteemed Weekend Getaway Marriage Conference (Whistler, Victoria & Kelowna) to our Catholic couples. Brochures will be delivered to your parish soon.

Learn more at

4. Marriage Mentorship

Witness to Love is a key piece of marriage formation where couples and mentors build trusted relationships that can endure beyond their wedding day. 25% of married couples in the first 5 years report to be struggling, and another 28% split up during that time! Mentorship reduces this to just 5%! In RCAV, 20 parishes are currently supporting their couples with marriage mentorship.

Please email or phone me if you would like to learn more.

God bless,

Sharon Goh
Coordinator – Ministries and Outreach Office

[email protected]

Direct: (778) 372-4916

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