27th Sunday In Ordinary Time Bulletin

Daily readings:

04/10 Monday: ST. FRANCIS of ASSISI [1] Jonah 1.1 – 2.1,10 [Gospel] Luke 10.25 - 37

05/10 Tuesday: [1] Jonah 3.1-10 [Gospel] Luke 10.38-42

06/10 Wednesday: [1] Jonah 4.1-11 [Gospel] Luke 11.1-4

07/10 Thursday: OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY [1] Malachi 3.13 -4.2 [Gospel] Luke 11.5-13

08/10 Friday: [1] Joel 1.13-15; 2.1-2 [Gospel] Luke 11.15-26

09/10 Saturday: [1] Joel 3.12 - 21 [Gospel] Luke 11.27-28

10/10 Sunday:  Twenty-eighth Sunday in OT [1] Wisdom 7.7-11 [2] Hebrews 4.12-13 [Gospel] Mark 10.17-30


1. First Reading Genesis 2.7ab, 15, 18-24

What do I notice about God in this part of the Biblical creation account? How does the story depict human beings and our relationships with other living creatures? What relationships do I have that feel like “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”? How are they different from other relationships? What are some blessings and challenges of the spousal relationship that God enabled from the beginning? How does it relate to our relationship to God?  

Psalm 128: “May the Lord bless us all the days of our lives.”

2. Second Reading Hebrews 2.9-11

What does the fact that God became human tell us about how God values humanity? What does it mean for my relationship to Jesus and to God? How do Jesus’ suffering 

Alleluia! If we love one another, God will live in us in perfect love.” 

3. Gospel Reading Mark 10.2-16

Jesus’ teaching on marriage went beyond Mosaic law and it was challenged in his own culture. How can we strive to live the teaching of Jesus and the Church in our time? What factors contribute to a long-lasting marriage? What nourishment does my marriage need? Under what conditions can a marriage be annulled – accepted as never valid? Why did Jesus emphasize the importance of welcoming little children? How can I “receive the kingdom of God as a little child”? 

PRAY FOR THE SICK: May Chu, Caroline Bayle, Camilo Romero, Adela Lim, Mary Martin, Ky Truong, Gina Tabul, Olivera Lambeta, Ngan Thi Trinh, Thuong Van Tran, Francesca Cabrales, Maria Garcia, Pho Ho, Danita Chow, Hong Van Le, Tuyen Thi Nguyen, Phu Thi Truong, Bernard Boos, Hanh Huynh, Mary Magdalene H, Thanh Thi Dao, Sa Thi Dang, Phuong Van Nguyen, Hoa Xuan Thi Le, Estrella Rodriguez,  Felipe Sobredo, Tuyen Van Nguyen, Patricia Rudolph, Shirley De La Cruz, Alicia C. Bayles.


Missionary Disciples: We pray that every baptized person may be engaged in evangelization, available to the mission, by being witnesses of a life that has the flavor of the Gospel.


Saturday Mass Oct 02 at 9AM.

  • For the intention of all the living of the Strong’s family
  • For the soul of Antonio Almadin.

Saturday Mass Oct 02 at 5 PM.

  • For the souls of Asuncion Salvo and Jasus Salvo.
  • Thanksgiving Mass. For the intention of Vihalstead

Sunday Mass Oct. 03 at 8 AM

  • Thanksgiving Mass for Rey and Vangie David’s family.

Sunday Mass Oct. 03 at 11:30AM

  • For the soul of Leonarda Terado and Feliciana Dulay

Monday Oct 04 at 8AM

  • For the soul of Maria

Tuesday Oct 05 at 8AM

  • For all souls of the Strong family.


Safe Haven Sunday: is on Sunday October 3rd, a campaign in hopes to raise awareness about the many dangerous and inappropriate content that is readily available on the internet, which negatively impacts marriages and family life.  Safe Haven Sunday Booklets are available for all families in our parish at the church entrance. Other resources is also available on the Archdiocese website – RCAV.org

Our Parish’s need of keyboard players for 2 English Masses (Saturday 5pm and 6pm). If you are able to help, please contact the choir leader of the Mass time that best fits your schedule.  Thank you.

Mask mandate: All parish indoor gatherings, such as prayer groups, meetings, PREP, etc. are also covered by this new mask mandate.  Exemptions to the BC mask mandate are applicable and can be found in the BC Covid19 website.

Please visit our Parish for more information regarding events in our Parish and in the Archdiocese.


Stay in Touch: We welcome emails or phone calls to the parish office (604-876-7826 / parish.[email protected]) if you have suggestions or need assistance. Please keep your contact information (address, phone, email) up to date.   

Donations: To donate online go to www.rcav.org/sunday-offering and select St. Joseph, Van Offering. 

Formed.org: is a website that provides the very best Catholic content from over 60 organizations to help parishes, families and individuals explore and deepen their faith.  Our parish has an active subscription to this website and invites you to use this resource to learn more about our faith.


Marriage and Family Through the Eyes of St. Joseph Webinar: This presentation will allow you to find allies and role models in Saint Joseph and Mother Mary, especially in your ordinary family life. We will talk about human love, marriage, parenting, chastity, sexuality and more. Friday, October 08. Learn more at https://beholdvancouver.org/events

Making Sense of Anxiety in Children and Youth: The escalating level of anxiety in our children begs for an explanation as well as a solution. Although the focus is on children, this enlightening material will benefit anyone suffering from anxiety. Every Wednesday until October 20. Learn more at https://beholdvancouver.org/events

Into the Deep: A Reflection on Amoris Laetitia Archbishop Miller will speak on how the joyful and sacrificial love of marriage and family reflects the depth of God’s love for his people and plays a vital role in the Church’s evangelizing mission of sharing the Gospel to the world. Friday, October 29. Learn more at https://beholdvancouver.org/events

Ecumenical Faith Break - Overcoming Challenges Together: Join us for a time of conversation, reflection, and sharing the gifts of the Spirit amongst Christian communities. Bishop Gregory Mohr (ELCIC) and Archbishop Miller (RCAV) will be giving their reflection. Saturday, October 30. Learn more at https://beholdvancouver.org/eventsBEHOLD: Be sure to sign up and check this new archdiocesan portal for spiritual writing, workshops, events and other links! beholdvancouver.org/events

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